Exhibition Center Cost to Appleton Taxpayers (Part 5) / by Tom Roessler

Bottom Line: Appleton taxpayers were told that no taxpayer dollars would be used for the “construction” of the exhibition center. However, Appleton taxpayers paid a significant amount toward the project.  To date Appleton residents will have paid nearly $5 million toward the Exhibition Center project.  Read on to learn more…

Below is a summary of the expenses that Appleton taxpayers were held accountable for:


Purchase of the land      $2,000,000

Infrastructure                  $1,777,979    ($390,737 for Exhibition Center related items)

Legal Fees                      $1,063,057    ($522,000 for failed loan option)

Equipment                       $     75,000    ($141,000 still unfunded)

Total                                 $4,916,036