Dark Store / Walgreens Loophole (Article 3 of 3) / by Tom Roessler

What can we do as taxpayers to encourage our state representatives to close this loophole? Read on to find out more…

The closing of this loophole has been looked at since 2017. Bill Kloiber, District Director for State Senate President Roger Roth, states that in the past “Dark Stores” and the “Walgreens” bills were separate pieces of legislation.  This session, they have been rolled together with Senators Roth and Stroebel the lead Authors and Representative Brooks leading in the Assembly.  2019 SB 130 – Walgreens/Dark Stores is the Senate Bill https://docs.legis.wisconsin.gov/2019/proposals/sb130  

Please give the bill a look and encourage your State Senator to get behind the bill.  A letter to State Senate Majority leader Scott Fitzgerald demanding that this bill be brought forward and acted upon would also be helpful.


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DeAnn Brosman, City of Appleton Assessor

Bill Kloiber, District Director, State Senate President Roger Roth

Michael Donatello, Office of Senate President Roger Roth