Expect More Mixed Use Projects / by Tom Roessler

You may know that the Appleton Common Council approved a joint development agreement on February 6thwhich included $900,000 of incentives for the Gabriel mixed-use project.  However, did you know that in December of 2017 the Appleton Common Council approved a joint development agreement which included $2,019,500 of incentives for the Zuelke Building mixed-use project.  You also may not be aware of several other mixed-use projects that are outlined in the cities comprehensive plan that can be found on the city’s website. Keep reading to find the additional mixed-use projects that the city is pursuing.

A Comprehensive plan was developed for the city of Appleton and it was updated in 2016.  The Common Council reviewed the plan and passed an ordinance to adopt the Comprehensive Plan. The mixed-use projects below are part of the plan that the Common Council has approved.  Based on the recent push to get mixed use projects approved expect action on these in the near future.

·      The current library site, whether or not the library stays or moves to another location a mixed-use development is envisioned for this site.

·      The transit site where the concept envisioned is a vertical mixed-use building which would maintain the transit center as the primary use on the first floor of the building. 

·      The blue ramp site is to be taken down and the proposed concept is for a 5-6 story development which would include a mix of office, residential, and the ground floor for commercial use.

·      The Washington Square site conceptual plan envisions a 4-5 story residential apartment development with a rooftop deck and first floor would be used for retail or office purposes. 

·      The Soldiers Square site where a mixed-use concept would replace a portion of the YMCA parking ramp site with a public plaza. This concept was recently replaced with the proposed new public library mixed-use development.