What Happened to Fiscal Responsibility? / by Tom Roessler

Did you know that The City of Appleton number one Key Strategy for 2015 read: “Determine city-wide priorities and budget accordingly”, now reads: “Prompt delivery of excellent services?” None of the new 2019 Key Strategies reflect fiscal responsibility. Below are the city of Appleton key strategies for 2015 and 2019.

City of Appleton Key Strategies 2015

1.  Determine City-wide priorities and budget accordingly 

2.  Proactively pursue collaborative and cooperative agreements to meet the needs of the community 

3.  Develop and implement effective communication strategies 

4.  Develop our human resources to meet changing needs 

5.  Encourage sustainability 

6.  Continuously improve efficiency and effectiveness of City services 

7.  Promote diversity in our community 

City of Appleton key Strategies 2019

1.   Prompt delivery of excellent services

2.   Encourage active community participation and involvement

3.   Recognize and grow everyone’s talents

4.   Continually assess trends affecting the community and proactively respond

5.   Promote an environment that is respectful and inclusive

6.   Create opportunities and learn from successes and failures

7.   Communicate our success through stories and testimonials