Downtown Parking Cost Going Up Slightly??? / by Tom Roessler

Did you know that the city of Neenah has free parking in its downtown and for their Public Library, while in Appleton the cost for parking downtown and at the public library is going up.

  • The two-hour limit for on-street meter prices will go up 33% from $0.75/hour to $1.00/hour. That includes off-street meters at the Appleton Public Library.

  • The 12-hour parking meters north of Washington St. will go up 25% from $0.20/hour to $0.25/hour. 

  • All meters with red meter heads remain $0.50 for 30 minutes.

  • Parking ramp prices for the Red, Green and Yellow Ramps will no longer be a $1.00/hour rate for less than two hours. That fee will go up 100% to $2.00/hour for less than three hours of parking. Rates for 3-4 hours is still $3.00/hour and four hours or more is $5.00

  • These parking increases apply for all except city employees who are reimbursed for parking.

If the new library is built at the Soldier’s Square location where a ramp would be the nearest location to park it would cost a minimum of $2.00 to visit the library.  Why in the world are we thinking of building a new library and putting it in the most congested area of downtown Appleton!  

Visits to the library have decreased 21% since 2009.  Charging a minimum of $2.00 per library visit will only result in fewer visits to our library. 

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