List of Alderpersons and contact information.

As April approaches a number of these seats will change. According to the City Clerk, the following is a list of contested seats that will appear on the April 2nd ballot:
Here's a look at the candidate list:

District 1 - William Siebers (incumbent)
District 3 - Open Seat (Brad Firkus and Ryan Kubat)
District 5 - Open Seat (Katie Van Zeeland)
District 7 - Open Seat (Eric Breiland, John Cuff, and Maiyoua Thao)
District 9 - Bob Baker (incumbent) and Alex Schultz
District 11 - Patti Coenen (incumbent)
District 13 - Kyle Lobner (incumbent) and Walter Blank
District 15 - Keir Dvorachek (incumbent)