The driving force for a new Appleton Public Library / by Tom Roessler

The driving force for a new library appears to be to accommodate a greater number of meetings and meetings of larger size.  

Supporting facts:

·     Appleton public library yearly meeting attendance has increased 103% from 22,000 to 44,742 from 1996 to 2017.

·     The proposed library will increase meeting space by 895%.

·     The current APL meeting room space is 1,770 square feet including four conference rooms.

·     The proposed APL meeting room space will be 15,840 square feet including:

o   A 6420 Square foot lecture hall with a stage.

o   A 2000 Square foot general purpose conference room.

o   Three conference rooms:  460, 785, and 785 Square feet.

o    A 3360 square foot children’s program room.

o   A warming kitchen, including two refrigerators, 2 microwaves, oven, dishwasher, and deep sinks that can be accessed by all meeting rooms.

References:  Wisconsin Public Library Service data 1996 – 2017 (; Library Needs Assessment, Site Evaluation Final Report Presented August 25, 2014 (; Library building program plan 1996 – available at the APL; Engberg Anderson 2009 APL Program Design Study available at the APL.