Appleton Public Library Meeting Room Usage / by Tom Roessler

Did you know that meeting rooms in the current Appleton Public library are underutilized?  Only 28% of the available time slots are being used for meetings.  Based on this, how can our city officials justify a new library plan that increases meeting room space by 895%.  Read more to get the details.

Appleton Public Library meeting room availability is a key driving force for the new Appleton Public Library project.  The APL is proposing an increase in meeting room square footage from 1,770 SF to 15,840 SF an increase of 895%.  The APL publishes the last five months of the meeting room calendar on the internet.  This calendar can be found at the following link:  An evaluation of conference room usage was conducted from September 9th, the first date where meetings are still available on the internet through January 12thof 2019.  Here is what was found:

·     Meetings are scheduled in 30-minute increments for conference rooms A, B C and D.

·     Of the 9,504 meeting slots available only 2650 (27.9%) were assigned for meetings.

·     The fewest meetings occur on Mondays where 17.9% of the time slots were booked.

·     The greatest number of meetings occur on Thursday where 46.6% of the time slots were booked.

·     All days other than Thursday have less than 33% of the time slots booked. 

Corporate meeting rooms are booked at an +80% rate.  A 28% booking rate shows a definite underutilization of the APL meeting rooms. Based on this information it doesn’t appear that we have a meeting room problem.  It does appear that there is a lack of planning or flexibility by those groups that want specific dates, days, and times.