Not Too Late to Stop or Modify the Appleton Library Project / by Tom Roessler

On November 14, 2018 the Appleton Common Council approved the 2019 budget.   The 2019 budget included $5 million for site excavation work on the new mixed-use public library.  At that point many Appleton city residents who may have had lingering questions about the potential cost to taxpayers, location choice or usability and accessibility of the chosen Soldier’s Square site, threw in the towel. However, in order for the city to spend any of these funds the common council must vote on this specific measure, and pass it by a majority of the council members / Alderpersons.  Since there are 15 council members it would mean at least eight alderpersons would have to vote yes to spend any of the $5 million.  This it is why it is so important for all who are against the proposed library project, or just want some answers to question that weren't fully answered, that they contact their alderperson, preferably by phone, to express their opinion on the library project.  Contact information for each alderperson can be found under the reference tab of this website.

Submitted by: ACT Appleton Concerned Taxpayers