City spending issues/Library / by Tom Roessler

The following article was written by Laura Leimer and submitted as a Letter-to-the-Editor of Appleton Post Crescent

Looking back on City of Appleton happenings in 2018 and before, I'm getting more concerned as to where the present Appleton leadership seems to want to take us.

Soldiers Square/Library Issue...

The proposals to build new library/housing complex is the epitome of ridiculous.  All of the concerns about traffic flow and parking issues for that site are not being addressed for that location.  Now, adding the massive plans for the US Venture build nearby, all I can visualize is more congestion and problems.  Does this mean we just throw more money and more studies at it to solve the problems?

Shortly, the City Center Ramp will be torn down...with no replacement.  Yes, there are two newer ramps nearby, but there is a finite number of spaces available with quite a number of spaces contracted.  Mayor Tim has stated that Appleton does not have a parking problem; we have a walking problem.  Tell that to Alderman Joe Martin and others with mobility issues.

The present library site is still the best site for the library of today...and tomorrow.  What will the Library of the Future call for?  After watching the growth in technology in computers and our phones, who knows where we'll be heading.  The building is four walls, floors and ceilings...the usage will be the major change.  The present building was built for future growth in mind, and the present location has more growth potential than the site(s) south of College Avenue.  The amount of dollars that our mayor and Council seem to be willing to throw at the problem, and the promise of mixed use tax dollars coming back to pay for this is as close to "Fantasy Island" that I can see.  Evidently, the Richmond Terrace lesson has not been learned.

Could we as taxpayers at least receive a realistic report on what it would be to redo/expand the present library?